Invited PAPers

11 Mar, 2017                 
Les Mots sont des pistolets chargés: Literary Education at the École royale militaire’ Education in the Long 18th Century Seminar (Institute of Historical Research, London)

25 Oct, 2016                  
‘The Literary Art of the Legislator. Rousseau, Julie, and the Political Power of the Novel’ Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Postgraduate Seminar (University of York)

11 Nov, 2015                 
Reciprocity, reputation & the pupil-school relationship in letters from the École militaire’ Enlightenment Correspondences Network Seminar (University of Oxford)

Invited Conference Participation

6-9 June, 2019                 
Panel Respondent: ‘Rousseau & Aesthetic Experience: Art, Nature, Politics’ 21st Biennial meeting of the Rousseau Association (Stockholm, Sweden)

25 Jan, 2019                 
Panel Respondent: ‘Life and Literature / La Vie en lettres’ 5th Fribourg-Oxford Colloquium (Maison française, Oxford)

4-6 Jan, 2019                 
Panel Chair: ‘Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Isolation’ BSECS 48th Annual Conference: ‘Islands and Isolation’ (St Hugh’s College, Oxford)

Conference & Seminar Papers

8 Jan, 2020
‘Whose life is it anyway? The game of life in 18th-century France’, Panel: ‘Gaming and the 18th Century’ BSECS 49th Annual Conference (St Hugh’s College, Oxford)

14-19 Jul, 2019                 
‘The Identity of an Enlightenment Quarrel, or, was there a Querelle des collèges?’ ISECS International Congress: ‘Enlightenment Identities’ (University of Edinburgh)

18 Mar, 2019                 
‘This Quarrel which is not one. Women’s participation in an 18th-century querelle about boys’ education’ Women & Quarrels in Early Modern France (Exeter University)

3-4 Sep, 2018  
Ceci n’est pas une éducation barbare. What was a Barbaric Education in 18th-century France?’ BSECS Postgraduate & ECR Conference (Aix-Marseille Université, France)

27-29 Jun, 2016                 
Poster & Presentation: ‘Qu’est-ce que la littérature? Creating Literature to Teach the Nation’ Society for French Studies (SFS) Annual Conference (University of Glasgow)

6-8 Jan, 2016                 
‘The Rise of émulation in eighteenth-century France’ BSECS Annual Conference (St Hugh’s College, Oxford)

15 Jan, 2015                 
Exercices in the collèges of late Ancien-Régime France’ 2nd Fribourg-Oxford Colloquium: ‘Matérialités du texte’ (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland)

1 May, 2014                 
‘‘On n’a cessé d’écrire sur l’éducation’: Literary education after the expulsion of the Jesuits’ Oxford Early Modern French Seminar (Maison française, Oxford)

28 Feb, 2014                 
‘Debating education after the Jesuits: Responses to La Chalotais’s Essai d’éducation nationale 1st Fribourg-Oxford Colloquium: ‘Formes et pratiques des querelles’ (Maison française, Oxford)